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On this webpage you can view photos taken over the world , the site is divided into three Category ;

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Hawk Bahraini Air ForceIndianen PanamaNP De Meinweg

The photos are grouped by country.

By aircraft pictures you will see military aircraft photos, this may be a jet through a glider of a large Boeing 747 to a small Cessna training plane. But here you will find pictures of planes in museums, airplanes they are stored or dumped. You can see for example a F -16 somewhere nice in the landing the other time one that is totally stripped for parts.

By travel pictures you will also find photos from around the world from desert to jungle, but also lots of photos of tribes around the world.
e.g. Indians of the Orinoco in Venezuela to many tribes in Africa and Asia.

By Insects picture you will find wonderful pictures of these small creatures , these photos were all taken in National Park De Meinweg The Netherlands.
Be surprised by these beautiful insects and watch such a fly as you have never seen him .

All photos taken by photographer and traveler Robert Knoops short and long trips sometimes traveling together with others but often for months alone traveling across the continents,
traveling with his backpack and sometimes have access to a car but usually by public transport, whatever that may mean. If There is no public transport then it is dependent on the help and kindness of the local people. That is, in many ways in a canoe through the jungle or on a caravan through the Sahara. So sleeping in a hotel rather than back to the ground by a tribe in dark Africa. Robert Knoops traveled around 115 countries around the world.

I wish everyone have fun looking around all the beauty the earth has to offer!

Take a look around !