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Welkom to the world of Aircraft!

China Air Force

On these pages you can see planes and helicopters from various countries!

The photos were taken at airshows , base visits and museums and are divided by country if necessary they are listed by airport.

On the photo reports everything covered so as airworthy aircraft but also from museums and out of service aircraft.

So there are also photographs of airplanes that for example half demolished or where the fire brigade exercises.

Click on the relevant country of your choice.

Albania  Farke        Air Base Z-5, MI-4
Gjader Air Base FT-5,F-6,F-7A
Kucove Air Base MIG-15,MIG-17,MIG-19,F-5,F-6,PT-6,Y-5
Rinas Air Base H-5,Y-5,FT-5,F-6,F-7,MIG-15,MIG-19,Il-14
Trapani-Lapraka Air Base SA319,AS350
Argentina > Buenos Aires- Moron Air Base & Museum Museo Nacional De Aeronautica, PA28,Ce182
Bahrain > Sakhir Air Base F-5, F-16, Hawk, T-67,B412, Bo105, UH-1, BAE146
Bolivia > La Paz-El Alto Air Base C-130,CV580,F-27,L188,Bec90,ALII. El Alto is one of the highest airports in the world! At an elevation of 13,325 feet (4,061.5 m) above mean sea level. 
> Cochabamba Air Base PC-7,Lancair360,Ce182
> Santa Cruz Air Base Ce182,Ce206,Ce207,Be90,UH-1,T-28,A122,T-25,T-33,T-34
> Villa Montes Air Base Ce206
Cambodia > Phnom Penh- Pochentong Air Base AN-24,  MIG-21, MI-17, MI-26, L-39, P92
Chile > Hanga Roa-Mataveri Det. Isla del Pascua O-2A
> Santiago-El Bosqeu Air Base T-6,T-35,T-37,PA28
> Santiago-Moreno          Beritez IAP Air Base / FIDAE 2006 B737, C-130, Various Type
> Santiago-Los                Cerrillos Museum Museo Nacional Aeronautico y del Espacio
> Santiago-Tobalaba Carabineros de Chile Bo105,EC135,Ce182,Ce206,Ce208,Ce210,Ce550,PA31
> Santiago-Tobalaba Club Aerea del personal del Ejercito Piper Dakota
China > Chang Ping Museum China Aviation Museum Datangshan
> Beijing Museum Museum Military Museum
> Beijing Museum Museum Aviation Museum Beijing
> Beijing School Technical School
> Shenzen Museum Minsk Aircraft Carrier World
> Hangu,Tianjin Museum Kiev   Aircraft Carrier World
> Other Museum South-Korea, Taiwan
Costa Rica > Manuel Antonio Air Base AC980,C7A,Ce206,Ce210,H369,PA31
Cuba > Havana Museum Museo del Aire
Ecuador > Quito Air Base Air Force Museum,B206
> Guayaquil Air Base T-41,R-44,ULV GT-500,Ce-172,ALIII,ALII,TH57,Ce206
> Salinas Air Base Ce150,T-6,T-33,T-34
El Salvador > Ilopango Air Base A-37,T-35,BT67,Ce210,CM170,MD450,MS893,C-47,C-118,C-123,UH-1,MD520
Guatemala > Guatemala City-           La Aurora Air Base A-37,B206,B212,UH-1,BT67,F-27,IAI201,Ce207,PC-7,C-47,DC-6,
> Retalhuleu Air Base T-35,Ce172,Ce182,Ce206,Pa31,Be90
Honduras >Tugucigalpa-Toncontin Museum Air Force Museum
India > Yelahanka Air Base Aero India 2009
> Dehli-Palam Museum Indian Air Force Museum
> Goa-Dabolim Museum Naval Aviation Museum
> Bangalore Museum Hindustan Aeronautics LTD Heritage centre & Aerospace Museum
> Jakkur Air Field 1 Karnataka Air Sqn / Gvmt Flying School CH701, Gliders, Ce172, Ce185, Hansa 3
Indonesia > Jakarta Museum Air Force Museum
> Yokakarta Museum Air Force Museum
Ireland > Baldonnel Air Base AS355, AW139, Be200, BN-2, CN235, EC135, LJ45, G-IV, PC-9, SA316
Jamaica > Kingston-Norman Manley IAP Air Base AS355, B412, UH-1
> Kingston-Up Park Camp Air Base BN-2, BeA100, Ce210
Japan > Various Air Base  Air Base various types around the country
Latvia > Lielvarde Air Base AN-2, MI-2, LET410
Lesotho > Maseru Air Base Bell47, B412, Bo105
Libya > Mitiga Air Base Lavex 2009  Il-76, L-39, A109, AN-26, An-74, M.F1, L-410, C-130, Mig-23, Mig-25, MI-8, MI-14, MI-24, SF260, SU-22,CH-47
Moldova > Chisinau Air Field  AN-2,  PZL104, L-13
Oman > Muscat Museum Air Force Museum
Paraguay > Asuncion IAP Air Base B707,C-47,Casa212,Ce150, CeU206,CeA310,Ce401, Ce402,Be58, EMB312,EMB326,T-33,T-35
> Asuncion-Nu Guazu Air Base H269,HB350,T-23,T-35,UH-1,PA32,PZL104,T-6
> Asuncion-Sajonia Air Base HB350
> Conception Air Base T-23,T-25,T-35
Peru > Iquitos Air Base PC-6,DHC-5,Y-12
> Lima-Las Palmas Air Base Air Force Museum
> Lima-Collique Air Base AC500,Be65,Ce152,Ce210,ULV CGS Hawk II,DR503,PA34,T-41
> Around the country Preserved aircraft & Aeroclub
Poland > Swidwin Air Base Su-22-4 / UM-3K, TS-11, W-3
> Minsk Mazowiecki Air Base Mig-29,Mi-2,W-3
> Poznan-Krzesiny Air Base F-16C / D
> Inowroclaw Air Base Mi-2,Mi-24V
> Gdynia-Babie Doly Air Base M28, Mi-2, Mi-8, W-3
> Around the country various types
Serbia > Beograd-Batajnica Air Base AB206, AN-26, Fa50, DO28, Mig-21, MI-8, G-2A, G-4, J-22, SA341/342, UTVA-75, YAK-40
South Africa > Hoedspruit Air Base MF1, Impala, Cheetah
>Durban-Louis Trichardt Air Base Cheetah, SA330, Oryx
> Durban-Louis Botha Air Base SA316, SA330, BK117
> Pretoria-Waterkloof Air Base B707, C550, C560, F50, F900, C-130, C-160, Ce208, Be300
> Pretoria-Swartkop Air Base C-47, SA316, SA330, Oryx, SA365, Ce185, PC-6
> Cape Town-Ysterplaat Air Base SA316, Oryx, C-47
> Cape town-D.F.Malan Air Base C-47, Be200
> Bloemspruit Air Base C-47, Casa212, Casa235, SA316 
> Langebaanweg Air Base AT-6, PC-7
UAE > Around the country Various types
Uruguay > Carrasco Air Base BeA65,Casa212,EMB110,EMB120,Ce210,,SA365,B212,C-130,Wessex,UH-1,C-47,FH227
> Carrasco Escuela Technica de Aeronautica AC680,T-34,U-17,EMB110,T-6,T-33
> Durazno Air Base CeU206,PA18,IA58,PC-7,A-37,T-33,T-34,F-80.U-17
> Montevideo Museum Museo Aeronautico
> Montevideo-Melilla Air Base CeU206,T-41
> Punta Del Este-Laguna Del Sauce Air Base S-2,Wessex,Jetstream,Be200,B47,T-28,T-34
USA Roundtrip part 01 A lot of  museums, decoys & base visits
Roundtrip part 02 A lot of  museums, decoys & base visits
>.Roundtrip part 03 AMARC
Vietnam > Hanoi Museum The Vietnam People's Air Force Museum
> Ho Chi Minh City Museum The Vietnam People's Air Force Museum
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